Cleaning Guide

It must be stressed that this cleaning guide is to assist you with Tips on how to combat minor stains to your Uggies… Some Major Soiling or Stains may cause perminent damage to unprotected suede products.

1:  Comb the outside of your uggies using a suede brush. This should remove any large pieces of dirt which might be stuck to the outside of the boot. Brushing will also help to soften the nap of your uggie and help to prepare the boot for the cleaning process.
2: Dampen the outside surface of the boots. You want the boots to be wet, but certainly not dripping. You can do this by soaking a clean cotton cloth in cold water and wringing the cloth out to remove the excess water. Rubbing the boots with the dampened cloth ensures the entire surface of your boot is wet enough to enable your cleaning product to be effective. DO NOT over wet your suede product this can cause it to wrinkle or lose shape.
3: Squeeze a small amount of cleaning product onto a damp sponge. Ideally, you should be using a product specifically designed for cleaning Suede.  Alternative: If you do not have access to a suede cleaning product, you can make your own cleaner by mixing equal parts water and plain white vinegar. This cleaning solution has been used successfully by owners on-line for minor stain removal but it is not as preferred for the task at hand.
4: Use the sponge to work the cleaning product into the surface of the boots. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom, spending extra time on the dirtier parts.
Gently Does It: Make sure to scrub the boot gently, both the sheepskin and leather underneath are very delicate, cleaning aggressively could potentially damage your uggie.
5: Once you are feel that you have thoroughly cleaned the outside surface of your boots remove the cleaning solution with a fresh clean wet cloth. This process can take a while.
Stay in shape: It is very important that you allow your boots to dry naturally, keep them away from direct sunlight or heat sources that may expediate the drying process. Rapid drying may cause the boots to wrinkle or lose their shape.  • Evenly clean your boots… missing any areas may result in a patchy finish.  • Ensure the sponge is kept clean and re-rinsed and wrung out during the cleaning process. This helps to prevent you from simply transfering dirt from one part of your boot to another.  Once your uggies are dry (24 to 48 hours) you can access how successful your cleaning attempt has been. It may be necessary to repeat the process. If you are pleased with the results help safe guard your boots with the application of a Suede Protector Spray.

Cleaning the INSIDE of your Uggies
Firstly ensure the inside of your boots and contents are dry. Then give them a quick vacuum. Put a couple DROPS of Liquid soap on a clean light coloured washcloth. Then wet the washcloth a bit – damp, but not soaked. Then go to work! Scrubbing and re-rinsing the damp cloth. You should see the gunk coming off as you go along. When you feel satisfied, rinse the washcloth (or use a new one) and wipe things down a bit more with just water to get some of the soap out. Fluff up the fleece lining (you can use a dry soft nail brusth) and let air dry. You can mix a couple of drops of Nil Odour in with the final rinse cloth if there is a smell issue.

This is a cleaning guide. Success varies depending on stain type and condition of material when cleaned. Once cleaning has begun you are solely responsible for the appearance of your boots at the end of the cleaning process. Products like InVinceable and Nil Odour have been beneficial to some on-line boot owners. Always read the label on any products you choose to apply to your boots as some cleaners will damage them. Regardless of effectiveness of the cleaning process you will more than likely loose SOME of the uggboots colour or vibrancy during the cleaning process. So the Entire pair must be cleaned to give a uniformed appearance. (With the exception of minor spot cleaning)