Blue Sheep Ladies Range

Blue Sheep Ugg Boots have a style and colour to appeal to every one of ewe. Our 3 Quarter Range comes in over a dozen colours and there’s plenty to choose from in our Tall Pull On and Classic Range also.
If you see a style you like, but would love it in a different colour, just give us a call and for a little extra we can custom build it for you.
Custom builds will take a little longer but our quality and customer service will make it an easy as possible.

If you cannot see the colour you want here… simple use our search filter to see if it is available.  Blue Sheep Ugg Boots are 100% Australian owned and Australian Made.
Blue Sheep is a household name in Adelaide and we have been hand crafting quality Australian Sheepskin Products since 1967

Our Range, Our Quality and Our Customer Service Speaks for itself…

Scroll down to check out all the styles we have in your chosen category and Thank you for choosing Blue Sheep.

There are helpful tips for choosing the right size Blue Sheep Ugg Boot in our info section.

You can download a size guide here to see how you measure up 🙂

Download Size Chart PDF